About My Art

Sunny SolWind’s visionary art echoes universal and archetypal themes that celebrate our connections to nature and the Divine and each other. His detailed visionary art is influenced by tribal, indigenous, and shamanic traditions.

Rather than literal translations of the animal and plant kingdoms, his images evoke and capture the spirit of creation, the intersection where nature and mysticism meet, an ongoing exploration into art as medicine.
Encouraged by his artistic parents, he began drawing as a small boy. Throughout his life journey his artistic endeavors have transcended his love for visual arts into music. How the honeybee came to be: In 2011, through ceremonial visionary experience, the inspiration for Sunny SolWind’s honeybee was born. Moved by spirit, and his deep reverence for nature, his prayer continues to bring awareness of the divinity of the sacred traditions which honor the honeybee and to inspire the healing of the Earth. It is an honor to have his work used in collaboration to support environmentally sustainable, bee friendly products.

The Path of the Heart: “My work is inspired by my love for the natural world. It echoes universal and archetypal themes with images that celebrate our connections to nature, the Divine and each other.

I am drawn to detail and the striking power of black and white. Within the simplicity of black and white all comes forth.

Intention and prayer is woven into each image as a reflection of everything interconnected through the power of love.

Besides art, music is another central point in my life. As a musician I focus on shamanic & ritualistic traditional and contemporary music, and its use as a tool for transformation and honoring the Divine.

For the past decade my skills on the frame drum, didgeridoo, Native American flute, and percussion have largely been offerings dedicated to community building and honoring the Sacred.

May my offerings be a reminder, or perhaps a portal to the Divine and the Divine within yourself, to heal and touch that place in you that wants to shine.

If I have in some way through my art, music or words, inspired, invoked, activated, initiated or brought forth healing in you, then Aho! For my core intention is that of activation to allow the flow of Love.

~Sunny S☼lwind